Art Martello Magician/Mentalist
Arthur Martello has been a member of the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Order of Merlin) for
the past 40 years. Although his interest in magic began when he was around 8 years old, it was not until the mid 70’s that he decided to
become more dedicated to the art. By that time, he was already employed as a Speech Pathologist, Teacher, and Administrator working at a
school for the deaf and adjunct senior lecturer at 3 different colleges where he taught classes in Anatomy and Physiology, Phonetics, Auditory
Training, Acoustics and Lip-reading. When he retired from those positions, he moved full time to his Catskill Mountain log cabin that he built in
1972. In the year 2000 he accepted a part time position as Chairperson of the Committee on Special Education for the Margaretville Central
School District. Although this position took up a good deal of his physical and mental time, he maintained an active interest in magic and has
performed locally for various groups and organizations. He now has fully retired  and is able to devote more time to magic as well as his tri-
weekly music podcast Mostly Folk (

His other site can be found at

Catskill Mountain Magic

What people are saying.........

Here are some quotes about Art Martello's magic:

"Aside from the magicians that appear on television doing mega-stunts, Art Martello is the most entertaining and most
appealing  magician I've ever encountered. The reason is that he is a kind, down-to-earth human being with a great sense of
humor who is not only adept at his craft, but who makes you feel comfortable and upbeat in his presence. Although laid back
and casual in demeanor, he has a knack for keeping you dazzled and laughing. A multi-faceted and caring man, he is also a
talented song-writer and musician, as well as an experienced counselor to people with physical and learning disabilities. On
several occasions, Arthur has graciously lectured and performed before the Andes Roundtable, a weekly discussion group that I
lead, and is among the most popular guests we have had in the  nearly seven years I have been at the helm of the

Roger Bobley,/Andes Round Table,  filmmaker (deceased)

Dear Mr. Martello

"You are my favorite magician. When are you going to do another magic show? Please let me know".

Erica Johnson/4th grade, Margaretville Central School

"Thank you, Art for a great magic show"

Fleischmann's Chamber of Commerce (see "News" page for photos)


"On  Behalf of the Board of Directors of the Skene Memorial Library in Fleischmann's N.Y., I would like to thank you for your
great magic performance on Saturday, June 9th. We had about 55 in attendance, children and adults (that is standing room
only for our small venue). You more than lived up to your pre-show publicity of  'Wit and wonder' and a good time was had by

Thanks again,

Jerry Grabel, Former Board Member


"Art made sure to include all of the boys, their sisters and some of the adults in the show. Thanks Art"

Roxbury Cub Scouts, Roxbury, N.Y.


"I can't believe you were able to keep all of those kids engaged for 90 minutes"

Margaretville Central School, Director of After School Programs